Wednesday, July 27, 2005

How Many Things Can You Find Wrong with This Email?

Hey cupcakes. Our webserver was down and I was going through some serious withdrawl. And look what I found sparkling in my inbox when I got back online!

This is an email from someone who saw my old profile on Here's some bonus information you can't get from the email: 1. He's 39 years old and 2. He's looking for a woman between the ages of 24-61. I am so over online dating.

"Hello! My name is Patrick. I'm a long distance runner (I have a trainer), I'm a full-time student at Lehman College (my GPA is 3.98. I'm on the President's List, and the National Dean's List, and Phi Theta Kappa) , I love animals (My kitty cat's name is Gandil. She protects me at nighttime when I'm scared), I'm a very good dancer (I was voted dancing king at my ten year high school reunion), and I'm EXTREMELY affectionate! You are a very beautiful woman! Wow!!! I make GREAT peach pancakes! I'll serve you breakfast in bed, and I'll wash the dishes also! I also play guitar and sing! I will serenade you with The Beatles' song, "Do You Want To Know A Secret?" Here are my two phone numbers: "

And yes, he included two phone numbers.


rachel said...

he sounds like a keeper nancy.

A said...

Duude, are you sure I have worse luck with guys than you? I might just say we're neck and neck :)

By the way Everyone, I LOVE THIS WOMAN! She made me cowlsleeves and i love them and they will keep my arms and upper chest warm all winter long!! thank you again sweetie

Vanessa said...

So, did ya call him???