Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Happy Homemaker

Posts about my moving adventures will continue but let's see how Cupcake is coping with setting up house, shall we?

On my second trip to Target last weekend, I purchased, among other things, a Black and Decker 6 Volt Rechargeable 3 Position Drill and Screwdriver complete with LED and retractable tape measure. Then, for shits and giggles, I bought an additional seven bit kit. Huh? Well, I wandered into the tool aisle where there were alot of tools. Most of them orange, yellow and black. I was looking for a lady eqivalent, something I could use. Perhaps you have one in pink? What I'm looking for here is a drill with a picture of a smiling toddler on the box using it. No such luck.

So I'm standing around feeling totally clueless when a handsome young fellow enters the aisle and strides purposefully towards the ... I don't know, the snozzberry juicing machines, and I feel like, hey, yes, I do belong on this aisle. Yes. Baby girl will not be intimidated. So I start picking up drills to compare them and somewhere this latent home improvement gene wakes up and things start making a little bit of sense and I start to figure out which drill is best for my needs and soon I've totally lost track of handsome dude and I can't wait to get home and start screwing things.

Well, you know.

Unfortunately, my new drill must be charged for at least nine hours before it will work so I didn't get a chance to try it out until last night. On a previous trip to Target (ca-ching, ca-ching) I had bought some beaded curtains for the bathroom doorway, because technically, there is no door on my bathroom (it's fine, just trust me on this). Perhaps it is a sad sign that at Target online these beads are listed in the Teen Room section.

So last night, in my undies, with an open pint of Hagen Daas Dulce de Leche by m y side and a fully charged drill, I decided to get down to business. I measured stuff!! Twice! I even thought about reading the instructions for my drill (Nah). Seriously, I measured, and centered the thing and made little marks and everything. Then, climbing up on my step ladder, I got ready to drill.

Now, here is the thing about living alone: I keep waiting for the grown-ups to show up. Um, shouldn't someone be supervising me? Really, I should not be left unattended. No? It's just me? Wow, is that a scary thought! Before it could sink in, I revved up the drill and started drilling. I hung the whole thing perfectly.

Except that it's an ugly piece of crap and I hate it. It doesn't match the bathroom. It annoys me when I'm brushing my teeth. This morning, after less than twelve hours in place, I took the goddamn beads and tied them to the towel rack. I think it's coming down tonight.

But oh, the empowerment...

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ravingloon said...

Hahaha!!....AHhhhh....you sound eerily like me when I first moved into my own apartment. I got a big kid drill and everything (tho' not sooo "big kid" really, because it's got a built-in radio ---don't laugh, that thing came in handy when I didn't have my stereo unpacked yet).