Thursday, July 28, 2005

Cupcake's Mailbag

Well, you just never know what you're going to find in the ol' Inbox.

Today I found this email from Cupcake Mafia fan Larry Gast. And while I am flattered that he digs the blog, I am unconvinced that he is a not a creepy old man who stalks D-List D-Cup Brooklyn-based Bloggers, so I figured instead of emailing him back directly, we'd post his email as the first in the "Ask Cupcake" series and I could answer it here.

Here's Larry's email: "Dude - your site rules. I dont dig blogs that much, but I do like yours. I was thinking about moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Should I do it, cupcake?!"

Dear Larry,
The question is not should you move to Brooklyn, it is why haven't you done so already? You live in Manhattan? Gross. On weekends, when I am not contractually obligated to show up at the office, I try not to leave Brooklyn. Here are some reasons why my heart belongs to the BK:

1. Rents are more reasonable, althought that is a bit like saying that Stalin was more reasonable than Pol Pot.

2. Tourists rarely make it this far out.

3. I *heart* Prospect Park, the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, and the Brooklyn Central Library.

4. Yeah, we've got Hipsters, but we've yet to be overrun by the button-down Fratboy paraleagal crowd.

5. We live with people whose families have lived in these neighborhoods for generations and we're looking to put down similar roots. It's about community.

6. I don't feel like I live in my office.

7. Grimaldi's Pizza.

8. This is the place that inspired the art of Walt Whitman, The Beastie Boys and Spike Lee.

9. It makes you sound tough to your friends back home.

10. It's Brooklyn, for God's sake. What more of a reason do you need?


A said...

reason 8 million and 3 why i love your blog:
"...Stalin was more reasonable than Pol Pot."
and in case you were wondering what 8 million and 2 is:
your occasional usage of the term "clusterfuck", all while maintaining the illusion that this blog is about cupcakes

Cupcake said...

What? This is a blog about cupcakes.

And if you keep laying on those purty compliments, you're likely to find yourself on the receiving end of a knit bikini lil' lady.

Just saying.