Friday, July 29, 2005

Check out this frightening yet oddly enticing Cookie Monster cupcake. There's a great write-up from The Girl Who Ate Everything which sparks an interesting debate on what kind of frosting/cake ratio is most desirable in a cupcake. I'm actually a 40/60 girl myself. Click here for the thoughts of a woman who is pretty solidly 3:1 in favor of frosting.


Anonymous said...

We are huge fans of both cupcakes and the blog and thought you might like a new project we're kicking off: Seven Deadly Cynics. Let us know what you think!

- the s.d.c.

Cupcake said...

A little bit of shameless self-promotion hasn't hurt anyone yet. I'll be checking out the site. And if the cub you've got covering Gluttony bites it at a pie eating contest, give me a call.