Friday, July 08, 2005

Boxings Been Good To Me.

July 16th is the big day- the day I move to my new apartment. I've got to spend all weekend packing and that means one thing: boxes.

My life has now become about scavenging for boxes. The problem is, with the rainy and humid weather we've been having lately, as soon as some one puts cardboard boxes on the street outside, the get all damp and soggy. Oh the humanity! For shame of wasted boxes! It breaks my heart. I've managed to take a few from the office, which means I've been getting on crowded rush hour trains with large boxes; that makes me very popular.

The other day we got a delivery from Office Depot, and as the guy was unloading the hand truck, in my excitement I exclaimed, "Oooh, that's a nice box!". The guy just nodded. Hopefully, he didn't understand English.

Maybe tonight I'll swing my Rite-Aid and see if I can convice the Manager with the comb-over to let me have a few empty Durex and Depends cases. That ought to make quite an impression with my Uzbeki movers.


Anonymous said...

Liquor stores are great for boxes. They're usually pretty sturdy and plentiful because of daily shipments. They were happy to hand them out when I moved a few years ago, especially since we were loyal customers.

-- Melanie

Kari said...

Starbucks my cupcake friend. Their coffee boxes are easy to carry even when filled with books. Ask at your local loaction when their coffee delivery comes in and be waiting...