Tuesday, June 28, 2005

What I'm Reading

Okay, I'm a big Jonathan Lethem fan, so I figured that its time I go back an read some of his earlier works. So I just checked out Gun, With Occasional Music from the BPL. This fiction, set in a neo-futuristic Oakland, is unapologetic about its hard-boiled noir dialogue. I think I'm going to start talking like this around the office:

"Let's put our cards on the table, Celeste. You can't afford to brush me off. You don't know who I might talk to next, and what I might find out. You want to know whose side I'm on- well, so do I. We're both involuntary participants in a murder investigation, only I think you're in a little deeper than you say. As for me, I'm a free agent. Just because I get paid doesn't mean I get paid off. Now you want very much for me to leave with the impression that you cooperated. Which makes two of us. Only problem is, I'm waring a bullshit-proof vest. I can't help it. I was born with the thing. Lies bounce off me and land on the carpet like ticks picked off a dog."

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