Monday, June 06, 2005

See This Play.

I saw a great new play Saturday night at the Daryl Roth Theater on Union Square. Manuscript is about some young writers in the winter of their first year at the Ivies and deals with issues such as friendship, betrayal, ethics, class and compassion. The plot is tight with several twists that made me gasp. A gorgeously authentic set represents a house in Brooklyn Heights. Manuscript is directed by Bob Balaban and produced by Scott Rudin. The young stars include Pablo Schreiber ( also in the recently-released film Lords of Dogtown) and Jeffrey Carlson, who Bizzy and I saw in the title role of Lorenzaccio at the National Shakespeare Theater. Highly recommended.


Mary T said...

Speaking of theater... I went to A Midsummer's Night Dream at Carter Barron Amphitheatre in Rock Creek Park. About half through the second half, the lights shut out. It was past dusk, so the whole place was pitch black when it happened. For about 30 seconds most of the audience thought it was all part of the performance and the audience of 2,500 was silent. A National Park Rep. came out on stage, told everyone it was in fact a power outage. After this it didn't take long for the entire audience to get rowdy... well as rowdy as Shakespeare fans can get. Luckily, NPS had the sense (and money) to install generator-powered lights. They started to allow us out of our seats slowly, one quadrant at a time. The poor ushers, including my former "friend with benefits" were trying to keep the seniors from straying from the darkened path to the parklot. Ah, the work of fairies.

Cupcake said...

Mary, that guy was a jerk. You should have used the blackout as an excuse to kick him in the shins. Oops! I tripped!