Tuesday, June 28, 2005

My Perogative

It has been noted that I don't own a TV and as such, I miss alot and tend not to trust my first instincts when it comes to Pop Culture. Yesterday, as I was waiting for the 6 Train I saw a poster for a new reality series on Bravo called "Being Bobby Brown." Oh God, I silently pleaded, please let it be Bobbi Brown the make-up artist. Nope. There's Whitney. There's the Bad Boy himself. Jesus H. Christ.

What is next? "OJ Knows Best: A Reality Based Sitcom staring the Simpson Family"? Watch the sparks really fly when Nicole Jr. starts bringing home boyfriends. Will anyone be good enough for the Juice's baby girl? Tune in to watch the laughs and the bodies pile up!

Look, I can understand why the Bobby Brown pitch had TV Execs drooling; Bobby and Whitney, the drama is built in! If they're not putting on their Kente Cloth and jetting to Israel for an impromptu visit to the West Bank, they're driving around Jersey trying to score some rock. Hey, you know what else would have made for compelling television? Following Pol Pot around with a six person production crew. That doesn't mean I want to see this added to the fall line up.

Note to television writers: do you effing job. Note to "D List" celebrities: grow some self respect. Your children will thank you later.

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