Thursday, June 23, 2005

Guess Who Is Joining the Four Eyes Club?

I had my vision test yesterday with the nicest doctor in the whole world. She explained everything she was doing and what she was checking for and didn't lecture me when I told her it had been five or six or seven years since my last eye exam.

The Glaucoma test, wherein they shoot a puff of air into your eye, caused me to jump out of my chair. "Well, I guess you won't be getting contacts," said the snarky technician.

"That's horrible. That's just so horrible! That's your job all day? Shooting air into people's eyes?" asked a fumbling Cupcake.

"Most people don't mind it," she said. "Some people don't even notice."

Clearly, she was lying. But the nice doctor didn't even call me an Eye Spaz when she had to put drops in my eyes. Veterinarians probably have an easier time putting eye drops into ferral cats.

Sure enough, I need glasses. I swear I chose the cheapest frames in the store. The only pair that could have possibly been cheaper were those Ray Charles sunglasses they give you after they dilate your pupils. The LensCrafters girl was a little annoyed with me, but they were the pair I liked the best! So then she tried to tell me I should get two pairs in different colors. No sale. Watch, I'll sit on my pair within the week.

Most importantly, I tried to choose a pair that make me look smarter. We all know I need all the help I can get.


A said...

clicked on your cute knitty link for the first time just now. you will be my best frined if you make me this:
no seriously, my best friend.

Cupcake said...

Which one do you like? The bright blue shoulder shrug? Maybe we could work some kind of exchange out. You know, for sexual favors of course. That's me. Will Knit for Nookie.

four eyes mcT said...

Why do you always have to turn a perfectly good blog on myopia into one about your perverted knitting barter system?

Cupcake said...

I didn't hear you complaining when I traded you for that Nordic Knit Ear Warmer.

Leah said...

Take pictures of the glasses when you get them!

Beth said...

Nancy in glasses? Wow. Does anyone else in your family wear glasses? What a fun time - new apartment and glasses. Good luck on getting the new place. I moved into my new apt. 2 days ago. So nice - no more group house! Tomorrow i'm hitting up a couple yard sales because i have no furniture. And Erich really only had bedroom furniture. Fun.
Your blog has been immensely improved with the photos. Nice job.