Tuesday, May 10, 2005

This is not a political Blog.

This is not a political blog, and I try very hard to keep this blog apolitical. But if it were a political blog, and I saw the headline "Bush calls Georgia 'Beacon of Liberty'", I would be inclined to say what the fuck? (Sorry for the swearing Mrs. Shortman) I hope to God he thought he was in Atlanta. One word: Chechnya. Four more words: terrorism, possibly state-sponsored. Perhaps Mr. Bush would like to add this book to his summer reading list (W., you can bump The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, they've made a movie out of it anyway.)

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tspiffy said...

cupcake, cupcake...

since this is not a political blog, let's make sure things are "fair and balanced"

chechnya and state sponsored terrorism? very intriguing. the problem with "one word" statements is that it leaves much to the imagination. perhaps further explanation is needed. i mean, reading that, one might think that chechnya and georgia were the same, or that chechnya was a part of georgia... thankfully i know you know better.

i am certain you know that georgia is not a republic like chechnya. that it is an independent state fighting against the puppetry of the kremlin...isn't imperialism (in this case russia's) a bad thing? i know that you wouldn't stand for u.s. imperialism. why belittle the struggle of nation that is fighting against a regressive russian federation?

let's not confuse chechnya with georgia, or even pre-revolution Georgia with what is today at least a glimmer, if not a beacon of hope in that region.

two words: Rose Revolution.
one hyphenated word: self-determination
fledgling democracy.