Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Queen for a Day

It's so nice when a friend calls you at the office from her office and you can both congratulate each other on what big girls you are.

Here are some gems from my conversation with Queenie.

Regarding her new crush:

Queenie: No, no. He's self-made. That's hot.
Cupcake: Yeah, self-made is hot.

Queenie: I was at a party the other night and he was mixing martinis in a Ziploc container ... and I just love how his last name has so many syllables. He even has a "Z"! Who has a "Z"?

Queenie: The only problem is, he's an atheist and a vegetarian.
Cupcake: An atheist and a vegetarian? I could almost handle an atheist, but a vegetarian? That's going to be a problem.
Queenie: Yeah, it's the opposite for me, but I knew you'd say that.

Regarding how we spend our free time:

Cupcake: You're definitely going on my blog today. This whole conversation is blog-worthy.

Queenie: Do you ever go to Craig's List?
Cupcake: Yeah. (Duh).
Queenie: Do you ever look at the personals?
Cupcake: Hell, I've dated from the Craig's List personals.
Queenie: But do you ever look at the really dirty ones?
Cupcake: Of course!
Queenie: Me too. Especially the "men for men". I'm fascinated by them. What kind of person am I?
Cupcake: Well, you're a person who is a lot like me, but I don't know if that's any comfort...

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