Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Nicest Thing Just Happened to Me

Little Boss just came up to me and said, "So, what did the guys do for you yesterday? Did they take you out?"

I just gave him a long blank look. I had no idea what he was talking about. Does he think its my birthday? Wait, is it my birthday? No, I'm pretty sure it is not.

"You know. Administrative Professionals Day."

This elicited loud peals of laughter from me.

"What? You're not an Administrative Professional?"

"Yes, I am but we didn't..."

And from behind his back Little Boss produces a large golden Godiva bag. I was so surprised (I didn't even know yesterday was anything more complicated than "Wednesday") my hand flew over my mouth and I exclaimed his name. He presented me with a large box of chocolates (The Milk Chocolate Assortment; this makes that one Peanut Butter Cup I've been squirrelling away in my purse look rather pathetic).

"This is not to demean your position, but to glorify it. Read the card," he said.

"Is the note auf Deutsch?" I asked.

"Hell, it's in broken English." He thanked me for my help and support and then continued to sincerely thank me. My guys may be a little brusk sometimes but they are generally appreciative and I am very grateful. I'm lucky to be here. So to honor this special day, I am actually now going to attempt to do some work.

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