Tuesday, March 22, 2005


We knew this day was coming. Now you can betrothe your sweetheart with an official Lord of the Rings Wedding Band. Yes, for just $699 you can be the proud owner of a 18k Gold ring inscribed with Trademarked Lord of the Ring Cliches written in some language that looks like Sanskrit to me, but which I'm guessing is supposed to be Elfish or something (this is perhaps a good time to mention I've never actually see any of the Lord of the Rings movies). So after you've propsed to Sugar Lips on the JumboTron at your local minor league ice hockey game, why not continue with the subtle, classy theme and make the Big Day a LOTR Day. I know just what you can use to Top the Wedding Cake. Posted by Hello

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timmy said...

i for one think it's nice that frodo's finally gonna get some. let's hope EVERYTHING's not hobbit-sized...

(and fyi: the inscription is written in the language of mordor, not elvish...)