Friday, March 18, 2005

Bring Out Your Red

Look, if you're Irish and you want to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, I have no beef with you. But if you're going pretend to be part of one Ethnic Group for the month of March, I'd like to suggest you join the Italians, unless of course famine, alcoholism and over-the-top poetry is really your thing. Here's the story about St. Patrick: he may or may not have driven the snakes out of Ireland. Big woop. Now let me tell you about a guy who came home one day to find out his fiance was knocked up, and not by him. When questioned, she tells him the father of her unborn baby is ... God. Did he cause a scene? Throw her out? Try to get the deposit on his Tux back? No, he married her anyway, and raised the baby as his own. And that baby grew up to be Jesus. Yes, we're talking about St. Joseph and his Festival Day is March 19th, as in tomorrow, as in Saturday. We Italians celebrate the day by wearing red and eating these delicious Cream-Puff -type things called Zeppoli. This site chronicles how the day is celebrated in Rhode Island, as in "See? I am not making this up". To get someone else's interpretation on the story of St. Joseph, although I think mine is quite brief and complete, click here for All Things St. Joesph. Posted by Hello

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Dan McGuinness said...

As an Irish and Italian American I take it upon myself to bridge these gaps. Famine and alcoholism may be apt words to describe the irish plight but they also make it sound so depressing and tawdry. I prefer to think of my people as a hungry bunch who's always lookihg for a party. And as an Irishman, who am I to refuse a party. So let's follow up that zeppoli with a green beer cause it all looks on the way back up.